Friday, April 18, 2008

So Obama's going to unite us

Here's Sen. Obama, the candidate who wants to unite us.

If Obama's nominated, do you think he'll flip Sen. McCain during a debate?

We learn more about Senator Obama every day.


justice58 said...

Oh My God...

The man was scratching his face, for Christ's sake! Geez, people!

That's really reaching & it's so pathetic! Barack has too much class for that! It's laughable what desperate folks will say or do in order to discredit Barack!

This is insanity---insanity I tell you!

John, John--(Eye Roll)

RedMountain said...

Come on justice, got to admit the choice of that tie was totally inappropriate, I mean the man is having trouble uniting his suit of all things.

That had to cost him one vote, at least.

justice58 said...


Yup, that could be!

justice58 said...


Oh My God!

Barack greeted by the largest crowd of his campaign in Philadelphia! Over 35,000!

Absolutely astounding!