Thursday, March 20, 2008

Will Obama answer these two questions?

At Huffington Post Lanny Davis, former Special Counsel to President Bill Clinton, says Sen. Barack Obama’s speech was, at times, “great, even brilliant.”

Davis also thinks Obama’s close friend and long-time pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “sermons [are] filled with hate words and bigoted generalizations based on race (in this case, all Whites). One could even call them racist. His remarks post-9/11 were nothing short of reckless and unforgiveable.”

Davis believes that Obama doesn’t share what Davis correctly calls Wright’s “hateful” and “bigoted feelings.”

Still, after a careful study of Obama’s speech, Davis has two questions for Obama:

1. If a white minister preached sermons to his congregation and had used the "N" word and used rhetoric and words similar to members of the KKK, would you support a Democratic presidential candidate who decided to continue to be a member of that congregation?

2. Would you support that candidate if, after knowing of or hearing those sermons, he or she still appointed that minister to serve on his or her "Religious Advisory Committee" of his or her presidential campaign?
Those are excellent questions.

Are there any reports Obama plans to answer them?

Davis’ entire post is here.


mac said...
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mac said...
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RedMountain said...

Wonder if you should add a question about the Duke Lacrosse case (Ooops, guess he is the only presidential candidate to come out for a DOJ investigation) Wonder how Clinton and McCain feel about the case, not to mention our own John Edwards?

That's Ok, why don't we just move on, what he said about Imus is our focus, not The Duke Larosse case.

mac said...


Obama called for an investigation...

Then said no more.
Probably because the 88 reminded him of his pastor.