Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A “step forward for women?”

Agence France-Presse reports the following, after which I comment below the star line:

The Middle East's first women-only hotel was officially opened in the capital of the ultra-conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, secretary general of the Supreme Commission for Tourism, attended the inauguration of the Luthan Hotel and Spa in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia, which applies a rigorous doctrine of Islam known as Wahhabism, strictly enforces the separation of the sexes in public, and the 25-room hotel said it can offer its female-only guests 150 types of spa treatments as well as fine dining and conference facilities.

Princess Madawi Bint Mohammad Bin Abdullah, who chairs the board of partners that set up the hotel, said the project was an important step forward for women in the kingdom.

"One of the aims of the Luthan ... is to support the achievements of women in general and particularly those in Saudi Arabia," the statement quoted her as saying at a news conference during the hotel's official opening.

Women in Saudi Arabia face a host of constraints. They are banned from driving, forced to cover from head to toe in public, prohibited from mixing with men other than relatives and prevented from travelling without written permission from their male guardian.


Agence France_Presse is one of Europe’s most leftist news organizations.

It often reports on such steps “forward for woman” in Saudi Arabia.

But I can’t recall a single instance when AGF reported the reaction of one or a few feminist leaders in France or America to its stories reporting steps “forward for women” in Saudi Arabia.

However, I can recall many times when I’ve been in France and read or heard AGF reports in which feminists on both sides of the pond expressed their “outrage” at the Catholic Chruch’s refusal to ordain women as priests.


mac said...
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Locomotive Breath said...

Ummm...who runs the hotel?

They're not going to let women have administrative authority but they're not going to let men in there either. Perhaps they've brought back the eunuchs?

drew said...

J-in-C, I don't recall ever seeing how to contact you "off-blog"; however, you might find the following URL interesting:

this relates to some withholding of exculpatory evidence in a _Federal_ trial; specifically, part(s) of the Enron litigation. It does, however, address issues of prosecutors run amok, and why/how they can usually get away with their misdeeds.

Interesting reading in the Duke LAX context.



Anonymous said...

it is easy to poke fun at the Pope, or for that matter the United States government. ...Has almost no danger...

Criticizing the Muslims though, entirely different matter.