Friday, March 21, 2008

Kerry’s “Because he’s a black man” video

Yesterday I posted New trouble for Obama. During an interview with the New Bedford Standard Times Sen. John Kerry said Sen. Barack Obama has the potential to “bridge the divide in religious extremism” because he is black.

Such a claim from a prominent supporter is not what Obama needs right now. That no doubt explains why Kerry's remarks have received so little MSM attention.

But the blogosphere is starting to pick up on them.

Obama said he cringed when he heard his white grandmother make racist remarks. Wait until he hears some of what Kerry said.

You can watch the video here or find it at the Huffington Post here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks John

I've been a Republican my entire life, but try to be open minded to any candidates. I have voted for my Democratic Senator the past 3 elections and simply against "W" in the last presidential election. That said to illustrate why I select the candidate I vote for.

This coming presidential election was the perfect opportunity for the Democrats to put someone in, not that I wanted them to just to see a Democrat hold take that office. After all, "W" has many Republicans that are disappointed in both what he has and has not accomplished. The Democratic leaders really look to be beating themselves to death in this primary in ways that will kill them in the general election.

I have no commented an many of your political posts, but I am actually enjoying this due to the humor I get from it.


mac said...
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mac said...
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