Friday, February 29, 2008

Start the weekend smiling

Yesterday I posted Another Favorite Bill Buckley story. It’s drawn two responses I hope help start your weekend with a smile.

The Buckley story:

During the 1970s a woman member of congress wanted to do away with the traditional usages of “congressman” and “congresswoman.” She favored the gender-neutral “congressperson.”

Buckley didn’t favor her proposal but said he was willing to consider supporting it once the congresswoman, Elizabeth Holtzman, changed her name to Holtzperson.
First response:
I've always wondered why women don't want to be called "wopersons."
And the second:
I still prefer "Congressthieves"


Anonymous said...

Liberals claim to want to give a

hearing to other views, but then

are shocked and offended to

discover that there are other

-William F. Buckley, Jr.

Anonymous said...

I take offense at the use of "perSON". It should be perpeople.