Thursday, February 28, 2008

NC Governor's Race (Post 1)

On May 6 North Carolinians will choose the Democrat and Republican candidates for Governor in this fall's election.

I"m going to start posting on the primary races and the general election campaign.

Don't take what follows as an indication of how I feel about any one candidate. But through blogging I got to know and respect Lorie Byrd who's working for one of the GOP candidates, Fred Smith.

So I decided to pass on something she sent me: recent poll results on voter perferences in the GOP race.

Full disclosure: The poll was paid for by Fred Smith's campaign.

Public Research, a subsidiary of CC Advertising conducted the polling.

From the email Lorie sent:

In a three day statewide survey of 6,380 likely Republican Primary Voters, when asked who they would vote for in the NC Republican Primary for Governor, this is the breakdown:

Fred Smith - 33%
Pat McCrory - 26%
Bill Graham - 10%
Bob Orr - 6%
Undecided - 25%
In the same survey of 5,220 likely Republican Primary Voters, if Smith and McCrory were in a two way race the numbers were:

Fred Smith – 49.56%
Pat McCrory 34.87%
Undecided – 15.57%
Folks, most of you know it's still too early to put much confidence in these poll results other than to say they suggest it's a wide open race on the GOP side.

That fits with what the "smart people" following the GOP race are saying.

I'll post again on the Governor's race in a few days.


Anonymous said...

I went to Fred Smith's website and asked him to respond to these questions: If elected NC Governor, do you plan to instruct your attorney general to initiate proceedings against the parties responsible for the Duke Frame? Will you use your influence with the Senate and Assembly to change the law on Grand Jury proceedings and require that permanent records be kept? I'm still waiting.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

I think a good number of those undecided voters will go with McCrory.

Anonymous said...

AOBE -- Any One But Easley