Friday, February 22, 2008

Joan Foster’s Back

If you’ve followed the Duke lacrosse case with an eye toward justice, you know about Joan Foster.

In that case, you’ll want to skip the rest of my post and go right to Joan’s at Liestoppers and welcome here back.

If you don’t know what a fine writer and advocate for justice Joan is, please read the following extract from her latest post:

… What’s the emotional and moral make-up of folks like Duke’s BOT chair Robert Steele and its president Dick Brodhead?

I’ll confess I’ve never met either of them. I bet they are charming at cocktail parties and impressive in their insular little world, okay…fine. But everything I ever needed to know about either of them, I learned, if true and accurate, in the written summary of the third lawsuit. (see here)

Let’s start with Steele. [Friends of Duke University spokesperson and law professor] Jason Trumpbour relays a conversation with Steele that just might be the most stunning moral indictment of the current Duke leadership to date.

Now, stay with me here.

Trumpbour tells us Steele felt it would be best FOR DUKE if Collin [Finnerty], Reade [Seligmann], and Dave [Evans]…WENT TO TRIAL.

Best for Duke. Say that again: “BEST FOR DUKE.”

If convicted, he shrugged, “it would all be sorted out on appeal.”

Who thinks like that?

What kind of man thinks like that?

I can’t even type that without stopping to take a deep, outraged breath.

Imagine you are the Finnertys, or the Evans, or the Seligmanns. Your child, your boy, already scourged, and branded, and sullied by an outrageous LIE, would best serve the University’s interest by going TO TRIAL, perhaps being convicted of a felony and imprisoned in some hellhole.

This is the measured, moral opinion of the chairman of the Board of Trustees at his school.

It would be BEST for Duke for your INNOCENT child, your ravaged family to endure a TRIAL. And let’s remember the backdrop of this time: the Black Panthers, well represented , no doubt, in our prison system, shouting at Reade “You’re a dead man walking!!!”

Sure, Chairman Steele, let it all be sorted out on appeal.

Joan’s entire evisceration of Duke’s craven leaders is here.

Message to Joan: Welcome back. I missed your voice, as did so many others.


Anonymous said...

Joan's style and elegance bring to the front what many people continue to ignore: the ethical and moral failings of Duke's leaders. When I keep hearing people remark, "where's the damage?" and "it's all about greed" it's obvious that Joan's words are sorely needed. We can't say this enough: If Duke and Durham had accepted responsibility for their actions and begged forgiveness, things may have turned out much differently. It is because of Duke and Durham's refusal to accept responsibility for their actions and rejection of the requests for apologies that the aggrieved parties have taken the action we are witnessing today. The financial penalties seem to be the only way to properly punish Duke and Durham for their egregious behavior. Bottom line: those people were quite happy to see three innocent young men imprisoned for up to thirty years for a crime that never happened. If anyone thinks of this as greed, then their moral compass is completely degaussed. With folks like Joan Foster on the side of the angels, our lacrosse players and their families will surely be victorious.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Tarheel Hawkeye, "Joan's words are sorely needed". . . Please, do we need yet another sappy essay on Duke lacrosse from the mistress of prose. We can all agree on the virtues of this case, but spare me the sap, please.

Anonymous said...

It will be difficult to keep these suits separated. Is it possible that they will be combined at some date or are some of the claims significantly different to mandate that they be separated?

Anonymous said...

To the 7.44:
Have you ever been falsely accused of a crime with a 30-year imprisonment penalty?
Have you ever been in fear of your life from a vicious racist mob chanting "Dead man walking?"
Have you ever been thrown under the bus by someone who you thought was your friend and protector?
Does the United Stated Constitution and Bill of Rights mean ANYTHING to you?
Sappy indeed.
Back under the bridge with you.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

10:44, yes the Constitution and the Bill of Rights mean something to me. I just prefer to stay with the facts and not some overly emotional high school essay worthy of the Oprah show.

JWM said...

To Anon @ 3:02,

I don't agree with you concerning Joan Foster.

Looking for agreement - would you consider list in order the 5 individuals (professional journalists, citizen journalists, bloggers, etc.)who are your favorites as regards covernage of the Duke Hoax?

If you do, I'd look forward to responding in some form to your listing.



Anonymous said...


Sorry, but I have to agree with (3:02).
Many have done a better job in covering the lacrosse case without all the four-tier emotional reruns.

I'll give my list--1) Professor KC Johnson is at the top; 2) Thomas Sowell; 3) Stuart Taylor; 4) Debrah, the Diva; 5) and your blog has been a fine reliable place to go to for daily coverage.

Anonymous said...

I've always relied on Liestoppers for the news. They have done a fine job keeping me up to date in this case.

I do not take the time to follow it as extensively as I used to, most of the better users seem to to have left.