Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is Columbia’s “noose” prof a plagiarist?

The AP reports:

A Columbia University professor whose colleagues found a noose hanging from her office doorway will remain on staff despite being sanctioned for plagiarism, school officials said Thursday.

The university's Teachers College announced Wednesday it had imposed "serious sanctions" against Madonna G. Constantine.

The college said a lengthy investigation uncovered numerous instances in which she used others' work without attribution in papers she published in academic journals over the past five years.

Her lawyer said she had been targeted because of her race and hinted the sanctions and noose incident were linked, claims Teachers College spokeswoman Marcia Horowitz denied.

The inquiry into Constantine was launched in 2006, well before the noose—a symbol of lynchings in the Deep South—was discovered this past October, the school said.
Details of the sanctions were not released, but Horowitz said Constantine was not suspended and will remain a tenured professor.

Horowitz said the case was reviewed by an outside law firm as well as a panel of current and former professors at Teachers College.

Constantine, an education and psychology professor who has written extensively about race, said Wednesday that the accusations and the noose incident are part of efforts to intimidate her because she is black. …
The rest of the story is here.

Race – smace. Is Constantine a plagiarist? That’s the first question I’m asking.

And if she is, then race only enters into it because Constantine doesn’t want to seriously address Columbia’s finding she has plagiarized.

I doubt Columbia made its finding without having before it overwhelming evidence she plagiarized.

In any case, I plan to follow this story, in part to learn whether Columbia has released the material that convinced it Constantine did plagiarize.

For her part, Constantine, if she’s really convinced she didn’t plagiarize, should be presenting her evidence she didn’t, instead of crying “race.”


Anonymous said...

It's the same old song - Again and again and again - ad nauseum. By choosing to be constant victims and by never accepting responsibility, they will never elevate themselves. Respect is earned and achievement is accomplished by hard, honest work.

Anonymous said...

What?! -- "They are picking on me because I'm black"! NO - You are being sanctioned because you STOLE from other authors!! You broke the number one rule.You should thank God you still have a job.

Anonymous said...

Quite possibly put the noose there herself. Been known to happen -----

Anonymous said...

Thanks John
Constantine Will Appeal Sanction
TC and Constantine first entered the spotlight when a noose was found on Constantine’s office door in early October in a still-unsolved hate crime that drew national media attention. In her statement, Constantine drew a connection between the noose incident and the plagiarism investigation.

“I believe that nothing that has happened to me this year is coincidental, particularly when I reflect upon the hate crime I experienced last semester involving a noose on my office door,” she said.
Giacomo said he has evidence from “independent third parties, who have no ax to grind” showing Constantine’s authorship of 36 explicit passages, evidence which he allegedly collected after Constantine was asked to resign last spring.

As I read this, combined with all the other articles I read last year on it, she was in a battle with the college, along with some other[s] there, AND had been asked to resign BEFORE that noose incident mysteriously came about. Poor victim...


Anonymous said...

A couple of thought came to me when I read of Ms Constantine's charges.First,she is listed as being in the "counseling and Clinical Psychology" program.Does anyone know what her degree is?Clinial Psych is usually a very elite progam;counseling psych not so much so.
secondly,it must be tough when her mantra (racism) fails.Kind of like Billy Batson shouting "Shazam" when the old wizard is tied up.