Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hillary's next to nothing issue tells us something

From the NY Times today:

With the next round of voters set to weigh in on the Democratic presidential race, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign on Monday accused Senator Barack Obama of committing plagiarism in a weekend speech. Mr. Obama dismissed the charge as absurd and desperate.

Mr. Obama told reporters he should have credited Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, a friend, for a passage in a speech he delivered on Saturday in Milwaukee. But Mr. Obama said his rival was “carrying it too far.”

“Let’s see,” Mr. Obama said. “I’ve written two books. I wrote most of my speeches. I would add that I noticed Senator Clinton, on occasion, has used words of mine as well.”

The exchange injected a fresh dose of contention into the bitter fight for the Democratic nomination. Mr. Obama said two of his standard lines — “It’s time to turn the page” and “Fired up and ready to go” — have made their way into Mrs. Clinton’s remarks in recent weeks. ...

The entire Times story is here.

Obama's right on this one. Hillary's raising what at best is a next to nothing issue.

Recall the other day I posted on Stuart Rothenberg's observation that to win the nomination, Clinton had to " change the narrative" of Obama's growing strength and her saging support.

I said Clinton couldn't "change the narrative" before the Texas and Ohio March 4 primaries unless she succeeded at the politics of personal destruction, in which case the Dem nomination wouldn't be worth much because Obama's supporters would be embittered and the party divided.

Obama's liberalism. His far left position of the war. His thin record of public service.

Clinton can't effectively use them to "change the narrative."

Those issues will hurt Obama in the general election, but they're not going to hurt him with Democratic primary voters.

Today's "plagiarism" story tells us Clinton and her team have yet to find a major issue that can "change the narrative" before the Texas and Ohio primaries.

Time's running out. Those primaries are just two weeks away.


Anonymous said...

John: Don't you feel sorry for the knee-jerk Left-Libs? They're torn between voting for one Liberal candidate simply because of her sex and another simply because of his skin color. They, themselves, created these issues and cannot, at this juncture, vote for a candidate simply because of his or her qualifications. By their own game rules, if they vote for Obama, they're anti-feminist and if they vote for Clinton, they're anti-Black. It's also strange that MSM persists in calling Clinton "Hillary" but all other candidates are called by their last names. Is that so we can feel more cozy with their favorite?
Tarheel Hawkeye