Friday, January 11, 2008

Where to put N&O editorials

In a recent letter to the N&O, Richard A. Robken of Rocky Mount, NC said:

Thanks for the opening 2008 New Year's Day editorial chuckle, in which you wrote that "political gluttons" must turn to CNN and MSNBC.

The humor was in the omission of the demonstrably fair and balanced FNC (Fox News Channel), the most popular cable news network for discerning political gourmets that overwhelms the combined competition.

An innocent oversight? In the lefty N&O? Chuckle.

Most FNC critics could not name its esteemed managing editor, much less its contributors -- half of whom are bona fide liberals -- because they've never watched it. …

Please don't cancel my subscription. Breakfast would be so un-chuckling without your editorials.

Have you considered relocating them to the revamped comics pages?
While I grant they’re often laughable, I don’t favor moving N&O editorials to the comics page.

More people would notice them there.

That wouldn’t be good for our community.

Better to leave the editorials right where liberals and leftists go for reinforcement, and sensible people like Mr. Robken go for laughs the editors never knew they’d put there.