Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ham’s “few minutes” with George Will

Durhamite and pundit Mary Katharine Ham posts at

I was seated on the plane right near George Will and saw fit to bug him for a few minutes after we landed. He was nice enough to chat a bit. …

Will on Huckabee:

"I'm assuming Huckabee's just treading water here and the question is how long he'll be in it after this."
There’s more including Will’s response to Ham’s question about what the Huckabee surge means for GOP fiscal libertarians and a very candid Will comment about what Will calls McCain’s “talent for hatred.”

Take a look here.

BTW – Mary Katharine Ham is the daughter of John Locke Foundation exec Jon Ham whose blog, Right Angles, is always worth a look.

The apple didn't fall far from the tree.


Stu Daddy said...

I didn't realize that Mary Katharine was a native of Durham! Her star is certainly rising.

Her video blog HamNation: Tour of Things That Didn't Happen in Durham was dead on point a year ago and still plays fresh today.