Monday, January 07, 2008

Hillary’s Tears: The Important Question

Hillary’s public tears today put her in the same category with many other politicians great and not so great, male and female, who’ve cried in public.

Among the greats: Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan.

Among the not so greats: Richard Nixon and Pat Schroeder.

So what’s important to know about Hillary’s tears today?

Whether they were genuine and spontaneous or forced as part of a strategy to “humanize” her?


Debrah said...

Make no mistake.

When Hillary Clinton starts crying, she's desperate and scared of losing.

In this respect, her tears might have been real.

As Christopher Hitchens subtitled his book several years ago about the Clintons: They've got "no one else to lie to".

I have only recently been paying close attention to some of the presidential candidates and have begun to appreciate the power of Obama.

He's head and shoulders above Hillary and John-Boy Edwards.

Anonymous said...

I fell rather cold hearted but I simply don't care. Hillary's tears neither move me nor interest me.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Senator Edmund Muskie who also cried in New Hampshire and ended his Presidential Campaign by doing so.

Anonymous said...

I saw an alligator when Hillary was giving that talk today.

Anonymous said...


Bill Clinton ginned up the same type of acting when he would bite his lip showing deep sorrow and compassion. It was all make believe. The MSM pretended it was real.

Neither one of these 60s throwbacks has a clue about what to do. Their act has grown old and stale. They're like a standup comedy team that keeps telling the same jokes over again.

Its getting embarassing.


Locomotive Breath said...

In politics it's OK to cry over the misfortune of others. It's not OK to cry over your own misfortune.

Anonymous said...

As I listened to what she said as she misted up ("don't want to see us go back", etc.) I got the impression she was talking about the state of her campaign rather than the state of the nation. Thus, her emotion was sincere.

To sum up, she got choked up about choking politically.

Perhaps we will see some similar performances from Clinton after tonight.