Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What's with The Chronicle? Where's Kristin Butler?

A number of you have noted various problems at The Chronicle's web site with both TC's own posting of material and your ability to navigate and comment.

This from TC Online Editor Lauren Kobylarz;

Thank you for your comment and for your email.

As our host, College Publisher, moves its offices this week we have been experiencing frequent system errors that are beyond our control.

I apologize for this inconvenience, which I empathize with and understand is quite frustrating.
I'm sending Editor Kobylarz an email thanking her for a prompt and informative response.

Where's Kristin Butler's TC column today?

I called TC this morning and learned she's completing a thesis, so she did not have time this week for her column.

We can all understand and I know wish Kristin luck.

And I'll bet something else.

When you read she was working on a thesis, just about all of you who are KB readers said to yourselves something like: "When she finishes, it will be a very good thesis."

I'll try to get into TC archives in a few minutes, find a KC "Classic" column and post it.

But no promises. Earlier today I couldn't access the archives, very likely because of the tech problems TC is having.