Friday, December 07, 2007

Posting Resumes Sat. Dec. 8 at 2 PM.

I promised to post tonight responding to Duke Professor Michael Munger's Chronicle letter and subsequent comments.

I also said I'd post in response to KC Johnson's invitation to readers at his blog to offer questions regarding Until Proven Innocent, the excellent book he co-aurhtored with Stuart Taylor.

I'll not be doing either.

That's because my wife and Ihave had one of the best kinds of holiday surprises: out of town friends calling and saying, "We here and can come by if that's all right."

Of course it is.

So blogging is delayed until tomorrow.

Thanks for your understanding.



Anonymous said...

I have had the pleasure of meeting Churchill's grandson on several occasions and he is a charming and delightful man. He still uses his grandfather's Purdy shotguns which remain in their original case monogrammed with Churchill's old address. I wonder if Winston S. still has the book from de Gaulle? If our paths cross this coming Christmas season I will certainly ask...

Really enjoy your witty and insightful Churchill references...