Friday, December 07, 2007

Talking to Regulars & Commenters

It’s been quite a week here at JinC, hasn’t it?

First, an expression of appreciation to all of you whose thoughtful comments free of personal attacks induced just a thought (jat) to expose him/herself via troolish comments.

With troll now ID’ed, please ignore troll and I’ll delete as soon as I see trool comments.

As often happens about the time a troll is ID'ed an anon shows up and guess what?

Yes, trool in disguise.

I’ve deleted two of those.

A few other thoughts re: troll(s) before I move on to other things.

I’ll use part of one of your comments (in italics) to help me:

I'm sure he is enjoying all this undeserved attention.Meanwhile, he is a distraction for those of us who have been engaged in dialogue on this and the DIW and other blogsites for many months.


Nobody as brilliant as Joan Foster needs to be wasting her superb wit and incisive intellect with this dimwit.

I prefer once we ID a troll that we refer to trool as trool. And dimwit is a touch strong for a mellow place like JinC. And as for brilliant, so many of you look that way to me and I'm not saying that just because I want you to let me copy your Trig homework and do the French exercise for me.

Let him have his tantrum, but don't let's sidetrack from the reasonable dialogue that hopefully will keep us searching for truth and justice.

Wise words I know just about all of us agree with.

There is MUCH yet to be done. The LAX three were just the bait that revealed the demons. I'm glad they escaped with their freedom, and their good names intact, but the sewer still exists. If JAT can't figure it by now, he will never figure.


And once more, thank you.

Future activities.

Barring something that breaks in the meantime, I plan to get two posts up later tonight.

One will respond further to Professor Munger's Chronicle letter and his comments here on the threads. (after I posted on the thread at his blog yesterday, he came on the thread with a comment that included a graceful acknowledgment of some of what I’d said.)

The other post will be a response to KC Johnson’s invitation at DiW to folks to ask question about Until Proven Innocent. He’ll respond to some of them Monday.

I’ll definitely ask him why there’s no mention of Anne Blythe in UPI. Also, when did investigative reporter Joe Neff first learn about Mangum’s claims in the 3/24/06 interview that the second dancer also was raped and that the second dancer would do anything for money?
You’ll recall Neff didn’t report that information until 4/12/07, the day after NC AG Cooper declared the three young men innocent.

There are some other posts in the works for next week. One has to do with how the media and Al Sharpton use each other to mutual advantage. I also plan posts making it clear things will get “uglier and Dukier” in the Hoax case.

That’s enough from me for now. I'd like to hear what your thinking.

I’ll also put up another of these Talking posts Sunday.

This was done rush-rush and is unproofed.