Thursday, November 08, 2007

NC Survey USA Poll Results

The results are here.

Most notable result?

It’s on the Dem side with Clinton polling 43%; Edwards 25%; and Obama 19%.

I expected Clinton to be out front. It’s the Edwards-Obama results that caught my eye.

It’s possible that Obama in the next month or two could overtake Edwards with neither of them catching Clinton.

You’d then have a situation where in his home state Edwards would be trailing the other two leading candidates for the Dem’s presidential nomination.

I wonder how Edwards would explain it.

Blame his staff?

Or do you think he's about to announce that Iowa or New Hampshire is now his home state.

The poll results are here.


Anonymous said...

The main reason Edwards can't carry his own (adopted) state is because he "represented" NC in the Senate. We *know* what Edwards is and we don't want him to be president. Send the cute little creep back to his modest new palace.

Ralph Phelan said...

One of the disadvantages to lining in NH this time of year is that "Do Not Call" registers don't apply to political calls.

I recently got a call from the Edwards campaign. I told them I thought it would be really cool to have a president who could talk to dead people.

Anonymous said...

Ralph - Nice!

I think the question really is: whose campaign will implode first? The naif or the naff?


Ralph Phelan said...

I don't consider the horse-race aspect of the primaries a particularly important subject, but it can be fun speculate on.

I'd guess Edwards will implode first.

Obama is the "fresh face" candidate - the one with so little of a track record that people can project their own fantasy of an ideal candidate onto him and vote their hopes. There's almost always a candidate in this niche, and sometimes they even win.

After being tossed out of the senate by the voters of his state, and then not even carrying his own state while being part of the team that lost to GWB (who supposedly is the worst president in history and thus should have been easy to beat), I have no idea what the Edwards is even doing in the race. I know Democrats believe in rewarding failure but nominating Edwards would be a little much even for them.

Hillary! sure is looking strong right now, but then 4 years ago today everyone in the press thought Howard Dean had it in the bag.

But I can't claim to be any more prescient than the MSM, because four years ago today my online research had already discovered the existence of the disgruntled Swifties, and I thought "No way are the Democrats ever going to give the nomination to a guy with as many negatives as Kerry." I guess I misoverestimated the Dem's collective intelligence.

Ken said...

I don't think Edwards can relocate. He'd have to buy up a county or two in either New Hampshire or Iowa to match his estate there in North Carolina.

Ralph Phelan said...

Edwards could probably buy Coos County out of one contingency fee.