Friday, November 09, 2007

Bob Harris didn't fail Duke

Lately, whenever someone's mentioned important, unanswered questions about Duke's shameful response to the Hoax, The Chronicle's editorial board has trumpeted the Allen Building's "MOVE ON" call.

By doing that, the students on the editorial board are, for whatever reason(s), failing Duke.

The Chronicle's editorial board members owe a duty to Duke to do what Bob Harris did this time last year: Speak truth to power.

No one who loves Duke and remembers the incident will ever forget what Bob did.

One year ago yesterday I posted on it in Go, Bob Harris, Go. That post follows, after which I hope many of you will comment.

I'll make sure Bob gets your comments this year just as he did last year, to which comments he responded and expressed thanks.

I'll also pass your comments on to The Chronicle's editorial board for the good it might do them

Now here's last year's post: Go, Bob Harris, Go.

For thirty years sportscaster Bob Harris has been the familiar “Voice of the Duke Blue Devils.” He broadcasts both football and basketball games. Last year Bob broadcast his 1000th Duke basketball game. He was recently inducted into the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame.

Bob’s also a good neighbor and friend to many in Durham. I couldn’t tell you the number of times Bob has helped sports youth groups find speakers for their awards dinners or agreed to serve as MC at a function at a retirement home.

Bob’s Hall of Fame citation includes this:

”[He’s] been extremely involved in community service, with countless celebrity appearances as well as behind-the-scenes work for a host of charitable causes.”
So yesterday morning, Election Day, DA Mike Nifong knew exactly what he was doing when, with TV camera’s rolling, he approached Bob "for a handshake."

"The handshake" was sure to be on the local Noon Hour and Five and Six O’clock news programs.

Nifong no doubt was inwardly salivating at the thought of viewers who hadn’t yet voted watching and hearing about “a smiling DA Mke Nifong shaking hands this morning outside a polling station with Bob Harris, the very popular ‘Voice of the Duke Blue Devils.’”

But Harris knew what Nifong’s game was and he called it (from WTVD):
Eyewitness News cameras were rolling when Nifong tried to shake hands and say hello to Bob Harris, the voice of Duke sports. Harris was in his car as Nifong walked up.

"You've got to be nicer than that," Nifong said.

"Get out of here," Harris said. "Don't pull this crap."

"This isn't about Duke," Nifong said. "This isn't about Duke at all."

"No," Harris said. "It's about honesty. You're not honest."
Wasn't that wonderful, what Harris did?

I’m sending him the email below.

KC Johnson and Johnsville News also posted on Harris’ truth telling.

You can read more about Bob here.

Dear Bob:

Thirty great years as the “Voice of the Blue Devils!”

And then yesterday morning, with “Don’t pull that crap” and “It’s all about honesty. You’re not honest,” you were “the voice” of all of us who want a Durham DA who’s fair and seeks justice for all.

Yesterday was one of your most memorable and important “broadcasts.” It’s heartened those of us in the Durham and Duke communities and elsewhere who are pressing on in the fight to right wrongs.

And as we all know, your words will be special to those who've suffered most because of Nifong's travesties: the players and their families.

I posted on your remarks at my blog. Here’s the link.




Anonymous said...

It would have been very easy for Mr. Harris to simply acknowledge Nifong and moved on. Nice to see a stand up guy who could so appropriately and succinctly respond to put Nifong in his place.

Anonymous said...

Bob Harris is a great humanitarian. He supported Duke and its students when the Duke admins wouldn't.
Once again, he called it as he saw it.

Anonymous said...

Nifong was going for a quick sound bite. Harris gave him one! Nifong set it up and Harris knocked it out of the park, making Nifong look like the dishonest, arrogant fool he is.

Anonymous said...

3:19 "Bill"... so what's YOUR name???? Nowhere to be found.

And who cares anyway?

People like you just keep us laughing.

Stick around for the show.

And by the way, why don't you hold your breath while KC goes away? Be a favor to all of us.

JWM said...

To Anons @ 1:11, 9:16 and 1:18,

All three of you "put it through the uprights."

Nice going.

Folks, the next comment was so sad it's been removed.

To Anon @ 3:25 who responded to "so sad",

Great comment.

Everyone but pot-banging trolls will get an idea of what you were responding to and say, "Thanks."


Ruth said...

Oh, please tell me that the deleted post was from the clown who did all the raning and raving about you at the Chronicle. His/her posts were so deranged it got to be really funny. And one of his/her obsessions had to do with you deleting post. Oh, I hope it was the crazed JiC stalker. I'm seriously amused by the thought.