Saturday, October 27, 2007

Then there’s Edwards’ beach house

You must know about John Edwards, the “poverty fighter."

Yes, he's the one with the 28,000 sq. ft. house and his campaign headquarters in the most affluent part of affluent Chapel Hill, NC.

But do you know about Edwards’ beach house on Figure Eight Island, NC?

Most folks don’t because to even reach Figure Eight you have to leave the mainland and cross a bridge.

The bridge was built and is maintained at public expense, but as soon as you cross it, you’re on private property and face a guard house.

You’re not allowed past the guard house unless Edwards or another Figure Eight property owner such as Nobel laureate Albert Gore has “cleared” you.

So what’s Figure Eight Island like, anyway?

Well, click here and you’ll read:

This private, peaceful ocean side haven offers bright blue waters and long stretches of beach, and is home to notables like Al Gore, John Edwards, and others who relish seclusion and natural surroundings.

This 1,300 acre 5 mile island does not offer hotels, shopping centers, and tourism. However if bird watching, quiet walks and sunbathing is your strong suit you may find life here appealing. There are only 441 homes, no condos, but it does offer proximity to activity rich Wilmington, NC.

Enjoy the myriad architectural styles of neatly cared for properties if you can get onto the island.
Edwards must think nothing’s too good for a “poverty fighter,” especially one who’s “committed to the environment” and recently built an “eco-friendly” 28,000 sq. ft. house.


Anonymous said...

The article you linked to is dated from 2004...

Edwards doesn't own a beach house any longer.

JWM said...

Anon @ 2:22,

News reports in 1/07 said the Edwards still own it.

There have been no reports since that the Edwards sold it.

You provide no facts. Why is that?


Anonymous said...

Possibly because he feels his unsupported word is equivqlent to documentation.Or becaause he's devoid of factual informationpertaining to this.

JWM said...


Great comment.

I'm always glad to hear from you.

Please let me know you got this.

Isn't it something that Martin Gilbert looks in often at the Churchill Series?

I don't want to hype that but I'm very happy for it.

Judge by the comments of yourself and others on the series, the readers are careful, interested, highly intelligent, fact-driven, have good senses of humor and a deep appriation for their freedoms and the part Churchill had in passing those freedoms on to them.

What do you think?

Please let me know you saw this comment.




Anonymous said...

According to published photos, this is John Edwards' $2.6 million house on Figure Eight Island.

(Must have Google Earth)

Emily said...

We live on Figure 8 and John Edwards does still live there. He is at the end of Beach Road North and his house faces the Intercoastal waterway. I just saw him riding his bike the other week wearing very tight, very short purple cotton pants and no shirt. Not joking.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Edwards and Gore will move so the property values can increase on the island. Who would want to socialize with either of them?