Tuesday, October 23, 2007

PBS Moral Equivalency

While researching for an unrelated post I came upon a page for a PBS NOW with David Brancassio program: “Politics & Economy – Selling War.”

It included the following (scroll down):


During World War II the word propaganda took on a more sinister tenor — due largely to the great emphasis placed on the creation of propaganda by the Third Reich, under the leadership of a Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels.

The United States called its own war propaganda program a "strategy of truth." The new Office of War Information was in charge of selling the war at home. The Office of Strategic Services concentrated on getting the Allied word out abroad. These campaigns defined the war as a classic battle between good and evil.


The very nature of the Cold War assured great reliance on propaganda by both sides. In the United States, efforts were spearheaded by the United States Information Agency and Radio Free Europe.

At the same time the Communist regimes put their best face forward with "official" images of smiling peasants and productive workers.
Yes, at PBS it’s Nazis, Communists and America, all putting “their best face forward.”

Folks, please think about what you’ve just read the next time you’re tempted to contribute to PBS.


Anonymous said...

PBS and NPR are birds of a feather. Federal money is provided to PBS, but NPR relies on donations and (surprise!!) Support from Universities. The programming format of both shows a distinct leftward tilt. Also, I notice programs improve remarkably during "beggar week." I wouldn't give them a cent if it were my decision, but who controls Congress?