Saturday, October 27, 2007

Duke Now Quiz #2

(Another quiz testing your knowledge of Duke now.)

On April 2, 2006 the Raleigh News & Observer published a picture of the “Vigilante” poster.

Anonymously produced, it contained face photos and names of 43 of the 46 white Duke lacrosse players against whom hate-filled activists had threatened physical violence.

The N&O's "Vigilante" poster photo, two columns wide on a six column page and seven inches long, was big enough so that the poster could be enlarged with good resolution providing easy face recognition of the players, many of whom had left their dorms and apartments because of fear for their safety.

On April 4 the N&O received the following statement:

“The publication of these photographs is not only unfair but dangerous to the young men involved. Will your newspaper not be satisfied until some vigilante egged on by your reporting harms a Duke student or team member?”
Question: The statement was made by:

1) Richard H. Brodhead, President of Duke

2) John Burness, Duke’s Senior Vice President for Public Affairs and Government Relations

3) Joe Alleva, Duke’s Athletic Director

4) None of the above

If you picked “None of the above,” you’re right.

The statement is part of a comment Everett E. Dodd Jr of Raleigh made to the N&O’s public editor.

Any Dukie or North Carolinian who remembers former Governor and Duke President Terry Sanford knows that had the N&O done something like publishing the “Vigilante” poster during his time at Duke, the editors would have heard loud and publicly from Sanford or one of his top aides or very likely both.

Can anyone who remembers Athletic Director Tom Butters conceive of his remaining silent when "activists" were circulating copies of the "Vigilante" poster on campus right outside Brodhead's office windows?

But at Duke now we have Brodhead, “Dick’s senior team,” BOT Chair Bob Steel and his trustees.

Why is Duke now at such a point?


Anonymous said...


To be complete, your multiple choice question should have included Mr. Burness.

Then again, perhaps he was too busy with his massage schedule to make any statements.


Locomotive Breath said...

Just for fun I made a video out of my namesake song. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Did publishing of the poster libel the lacrosse players?

Anonymous said...

In fact, through the entire ordeal Duke officials never expressed any concern ( in words or actions ) for the safety of the lacrosse players; not when angry protesters gathered outside the players'residences carrying castrate signs and branding the players as rapists; not when the players received threatening e-mails; not when the black panthers ( known to carry firearms ) threatened to enter campus and confront the players- John Burness was going to allow their hate filled and racist demonstration on Duke's campus until a lacrosse parent threatened to call the KKK to stage a counter demonstration; not when Reade received death threats from these same black panthers outside and inside a Durham courthouse; etc., etc.


Anonymous said...

I have a very simple question for Duke. WHO made the poster?

I have a hard time believing that the Duke administration does not know and I suspect the "culprit" is somehow covered by Duke's settlement.

I still want to know the answer.

Anonymous said...

There is a fair amount of evidence that strongly suggests that the posters may have been produced by Sam Hummel, a Duke employee at the time but not currently.While Hummel may be protected under the settlement with the 3 players who were indicted, the unindicted players will be able to include him and anyone else at Duke in their legal actions.