Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jackson, Sharpton & Dumb

Jackson, Sharpton & Dumb isn't a law firm retained by the Democratic Party to help strike down laws requiring a valid photo ID before “a homeless person” can show up on election day and vote and vote and vote at various polling places.

This post’s title has to do with another one I posted yesterday: Jackson & Sharpton, Who’s Dumber?

Yesterday’s post linked to an audio of the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton talking last Spring on separate programs about what was then called “the Duke lacrosse rape scandal.”

If you’ve heard the audio, you know both Revs embraced and amplified the absurd and false statements of Crystal Mangum, a black, Mike Nifong, a white, and the Raleigh News & Observer, whose Duke lacrosse coverage relied on reporters and editors drawn from a number of racial and ethnic groups.

I asked people to listen to the audio and decide who sounded dumber: Jackson or Sharpton. Jackson got my vote.

Well, if you’ve read the thread of Jackson or Sharpton, Who’s Dumber? , you know some readers took exception to the idea that either man could be dumb. They see the two as smart hustlers.

I’d like to explain why I believe Jackson’s and Sharpton’s comments can be fairly characterized as dumb. defines dumb as “ lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid; dull-witted.”

Both Jackson and Sharpton presented themselves as believers of the lies told by Mangum, Nifong and DPD were telling last Spring. That was dumb.

Smart hustlers wouldn’t have done that in circumstances where their statements were being recorded and could quickly wind up on the Net, where literally millions of people could, if they cared to, listen and parse every word the Revs said.

A smart hustler does the sort of thing Jackson first did when Mangum’s lies brought her national media attention: offer “the young mother” a college scholarship whether the accusation was true or not so she’d never have to “perform” again. Jackson added that he was “looking forward” to meeting her when she was “physically and emotionally ready and having prayer with her.” I posted on what he did in Rev. Jesse Jackson steps into the Duke lacrosse spotlight.

Now, what Jackson did was attention seeking and contemptuous of justice because he said the woman would get her college expenses paid even if her accusations were false.

But it was a smart hustle because Jackson allowed that perhaps Mangum might not be telling the truth, and presented himself as a man of God who wanted to help lift a poor woman out of circumstances in which she was “forced” to strip and set her on the road to a college education.

I don’t know whether Jackson and Sharpton really believed much of what they said.

But what they said showed a lack of intelligence or good judgment. And the Revs came off sounding stupid or, if you prefer, dull-witted.

That’s why I called them dumb and asked you to decide which was dumber.

Message to the Revs: It’s no longer like the old days when you could say something stupid or outright dishonest, and then later deny you said it and call the people noting what you’d said “racists.” It’s a new tech world out there.

Message to JinC readers: I’ll post this weekend on how I see the new technologies helping those of us who want to do all we can to expose and counter frauds and hustlers like Jackson, Sharpton, Nifong and Nancy Grace.


Jim in San Diego said...

The new communication technologies, including especially web blogs, are in the process of revolutionizing news, education, and person to person communication.

This blog, and others, show what can be done that is useful in a democracy when intelligent, diligent reporters focus effort on a single issue.

MSM cannot compete. They may not want to try - the money remains in circulation numbers and advertisements. Selling papers and advertising may not go hand in hand with long-term, in depth reporting of issues that are not considered politically correct by the targeted readership.

Much, much, more should be done.

kbp said...

Thanks John

So far we've seen one liar lose his license to practice law and spend a single night behind bars. That was the biggest criminal and liar of all.

How many liars are left in this mess if we count reporters, politicians, investigators, activists... associated with this case?

None ever seemed to be worried about lies they used to further their agendas and I doubt more than a couple are today.

Smart or dumb, none had any concern about telling those lies.

While some bloggers may post inaccurate opinions, they seem to be the only parties in this mess that worries about inaccurate facts.

Anonymous said...

well said

Anonymous said...

Sharpton can sometimes at least make some sense and at times even makes arguments that have some validity. JJ just rants, making ridiculous accusations, and stupid comments. Neither has had to be smart to succeed as shakedown artists. It's like saying mobsters are good businessmen.

Anonymous said...

Rev Al looked right at home when parading in Jena. The is where he should stay.

Mark said...

Why haven't the good reverends shown regret in slandering these lacrosse players? Not very Christian of them. It helps give the leaders of christians bad names. America one nation under hyprocracy with slander and judgement to all.