Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bollinger Exposed

Columbia’s Lee Bollinger has used just about every line in The PC Moral Equivalency Guidebook for University Presidents Seeking to Curry Favor with the Hard Left and Other Enemies of America to justify his invitation to a Holocaust-denier who regularly calls for the destruction of Israel and currently leads a terror war against Western civilization,

Today, Clint Cowen, a junior at UNC – Chapel Hill, shines the lights of reason and truth on Bollinger.

From The Daily Tar Heel, Carolina’s student newspaper


I found Columbia's decision to host Mahmoud Ahmadinejad outrageous. How can (Columbia) President (Lee) Bollinger, in good conscience, prohibit ROTC presence on his campus while simultaneously hosting a sworn opponent of the U.S. military?

Ahmadinejad's regime is currently fighting a proxy war against us by aiding and arming the Iraqi insurgency, which is daily killing more of our soldiers and undermining stability in Iraq.

Ahmadinejad also persists in his sponsorship of terrorism to achieve Iran's foreign policy goals in the Middle East. Further, he stands in clear defiance of the (United Nations) Security Council and U.S. interests abroad by continuing to pursue a nuclear weapons program.

It is foolish to claim that Ahmadinejad provided an alternative perspective useful for university dialogue. Ahmadinejad's brutally oppressive regime continues in its shameless record of human rights abuses, actions that directly oppose the individual freedoms for which the United States stands.

He is unworthy of the forum and applause he received.

Allowing the Iranian president's speech confers undeserved legitimacy on his views, which runs counter to basic human values and are bent on destroying our way of life.

President Bollinger's criticism of Ahmadinejad during the forum was insufficient; the Iranian president is an enemy of the United States, and he should have been treated as such.

Clint Cowan
Religious Studies
It will be a great day for the university and America when Columbia has a president who shares Cowen’s values and acts on them.

A big hat tip to Clint Cowan.


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Anonymous said...


"Bollinger Exposed"

For a moment there, I had the image of a flabby university president running around in his tooties. Not pretty.


Anonymous said...

John - I am all for everyone having an opportunity to present their case. Unfortunately, the treatment of the ROTC and Minutemen, which has not been corrected at Columbia, has made me have grave doubts about the schools' leadership. What was with Bollingers rant?