Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Congratulations, Liestoppers.


Have any of you been fighting for justice for the Duke lacrosse players since the Raleigh News & Observer began framing them on March 24, 2006?

Or did you join the justice fight after that?

Whatever the case, can you believe that is only now celebrating its first anniversary?

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

When Liestoppers stepped into the fight last year all the “smart people” were saying DA Mike Nifong was a shoe-in for reelection.

Liestoppers helped change that.

With one of its principals, Beth Brewer, leading it helped rally decent people in Durham who didn’t want Mike Nifong to have a prosecutor’s power to put innocent people in jail.

They almost got him out of there last November.

I’ll always believe that the fight Liestoppers helped lead against Nifong’s election distracted him enough from his cover-up of the framing of three innocent young men that it contributed to the errors he made that helped expose him to the point where the NC State Bar had no choice but to disbar him.

That would be quite a bit for any blog in its first year. But Liestoppers gave us so much more.

Joan Foster’s odes and “breakfasts with Brodhead.”

Baldo’s parodies which a journalist friend keeps telling me are more effective than dynamite and don’t make so much noise. All the better not to wake Bob Ashley in the Herald Sun’s snooze room.

Philip Wood’s carefully researched posts drawing on law and reminding us of right and wrong.

Momtothree’s terrific post documenting how race was used to fuel the frame-up.

The recent unsigned post revealing a series of Duke/DPD/FERPA fakes that may yet help to bring the Feds to Durham to launch a much needed investigation.

Liestoppers forum where many citizen journalists helped lead the exposure of wrongs committed against the players and others.

All that and so much more.

Congratulations and thanks, Liestoppers.

Justice seekers are in your debt. .

I’ll be saying more about Liestoppers in the next week or so.


Anonymous said...

The news observer did start this frame. They and Ruthie got the ball rolling. You are the only blogger who can see that, You are the Man,

Anonymous said...

Very nice of you to acknowledge their efforts and contributions in such glowing fashion. I hope they have also acknowledged yours.

joan foster said...

John, it was your posting on the Editors Blog that inspired me to post there for the first time. Thank you for your kind words about Liestoppers,and thanks for your own leadership and amazing contributions.

kbp said...

Thanks John!

I started reading up on the case after seeing the players go in for the pic's & swabs.

Being one that often questions the actions of the authorities throughout this nation, this case was one that grabbed my attention quickly.

The SBI results convinced me the team was being set up somehow. Mikey's media stunts worked to confirm my opinion further.

Meeting Beth at CTV eventually led me to the comment sections at the N&O and HS, where I came across mention of your blog.

As for Liestoppers, they have done a great there. I consider anything Philip posts as gospel, he does such a great job of researching.

That main blog is a source for much information on this case.

Congratulations, Liestoppers and thanks!

A big thanks to JinC for getting rid of that 'word verification'!!! That thing kept popping back 2 or 3 times every time I posted a comment. It never worked the first time I tried, ever!