Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dept. of Utter Nonsense

The Churchill Center’s quarterly journal Finest Hour contains one of those brief items pages. In the Autumn 2002 edition I found this item:

Dept. of Utter Nonsense

London, July 13th -- After the UK airing of “The Gathering Storm,” which debuted in the United States in May, the BBC ran a silly poll: “Is the life of Churchill still relevant to people today?”

We waited with bated breath for the verdict: Yes, definitely, 83.8%; Maybe, to a degree, 10.4%; No, not at all, 5.8%.

People who devise such things on state-supported media are a waste of the taxpayers’ money. If a poll asked, “Does it rain down – or up? 83.8% would be sure it was down, 10.4% up and the rest wouldn’t know.

Admittedly, we’re not sure they still teach gravity in the grammar schools, any more than Churchill.
For each of the last 25 or so years I’ve spent four or more weeks in the UK. The amount of utter nonsense the BBC purveys along with a leftist political bias is exceeded only by the Beeb's smugness.


Anonymous said...

The latest idiocy from the UK says that Churchill will be left entirely out of public school curricula so that they may focus more on diversity, multiculturism and other such nonsense. What a stupendous fall for a once-great nation. They don't deserve Winston Churchill.

wayne fontes said...

You might enjoy this documentary on the British left during the late seventies. They have about an hour on the lefties attempt to start a newspaper. It goes about like you would expect.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I love the commentary on BBC4 radio.

A Duke Alum/ lax supporter living in London

Anonymous said...

John: Also note that your tax dollars pay for BBC overseas reports on National Public Radio.