Sunday, July 29, 2007

Responding to Comments – 7/29/07

Here begins a trial at responding to more reader comments. We’ll see how things work out.

Today, my responses to some of the comments on the threads of posts published on 7/21, 22 & 23.

If your comment isn’t one responded to, no crticism is necessarily implied. It may just be I’ve responded elsewhere else the post; the comment my be very positive which I always appreciate but think its somewhat immodest to keep responding to; or I may just miss something.

Let’s begin. My comments in italics:

Comments on:

Whichard Com., Sgt. Shelton & Cpl. Addison

Another excellent analysis.

(Thank you. Some brief, positive comments will slip through the screener from time to time)

John: When one of our two GOP Senators has no clue about what is happening in Durham, do you still think the Feds will be coming down?

(I think there’s a good chance the Feds will come but I don’t think our NC U.S. Senators will be the ones to make it happen)

What about Burr, the other U.S. Senator? Does anyone know him?

( He’s not up for reelection until ’10. He’s kept a very low profile, even for a freshman senator.)

I emailed Burr via his Senate website, asking him to get the US Attorney General to investigate probable civil rights violations by Nifong & Co. That was over a month ago and I haven't gotten a response to date.

( I’m sorry about that. I hope you keep pounding away.)

The letter shown in DiW from Dole shows that she must live on another planet.

( Yes. What’s more Sen. Elizabeth Dole is a Duke alum and former trustee)

Congressman Walter Jones seems to be the only member of the NC delegation in Washington who is not comatose.

( Actually, the others aren’t comatose. They just aren’t moved enough by the injustices to risk doing something that will not be all that comfortable for one of NC’s largest, richest and most powerful corporate citizens, Duke University. )

Justice Whichard Bio Information

For what it's worth, Nifong is also a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of UNC!

( I wonder about Nifong really being a PBK. Does anyone know how we can check? )


My understanding from a recent Supreme Court decision is that the person's whose FERPA rights were violated cannot sue for monetary damages. The same Supreme Cour decision, however, said the Federal Government can withhold Federal funds from an institution that has violated FERPA. I think that bloggers, such as yourself and KC and Martin Gaynor ought to start pushing for Federal funds to be cutoff from Duke, if even for a short period of time.

( I don’t know enough at this point to comment on SCOTUS FERPA decisions. But I plan to continue reporting as best I can the DPD/Duke FERPA story.)

I have done my part. I am not giving them an incremental cent this year and in the years to come. No estate planning, as well. And I have given Duke more than most. Duke is not the Duke of old, unfortunately. Moneta, Burness and Brodhead are agenda-driven clowns.

( You’re smart. Hold on to you money until Duke has a President that has you saying, “You know, he (or she) is a lot like Terry Sanford." )

At least now we know why Duke was so quick to get a settlement agreement in place that cut off all liability for the school and its employees.

( I’m happy the people got quick settlements. That suggests it was on their terms and as you suggest Duke was very anxious to avoid public disclosure. That’s sad that the Duke wound up in such a position with more lawsuits likely to come. )

Folks, We are getting storms here so I’m going to shut down but I’ll be back tomorrow.

Thanks for commenting.



Anonymous said...

John - Enjoy the comments. My daughter was working at her Dell when a storm arose in DC. She did not shut down. Lightening hit a transformer nearby and destroyed her hard drive.