Friday, February 10, 2006

The New York Times gets it wrong again

The New York Times latest effort to twist the Katrina tragedy into a Bush-basher appears today in Eric Lipton’s story, White House Knew of Levee's Failure on Night of Storm.

According to Lipton's story, the White House knew of flooding in New Orleans by midnight August 30.

But the alert did not seem to register. Even the next morning, President Bush, on vacation in Texas, was feeling relieved that New Orleans had "dodged the bullet," he later recalled. (bold added)
Surely the Times knows the next morning the President was at the North Island Naval Air Station in San Diego taking part in an anniversary observance of V-J Day. Here's The White Press release of the event, including photos.

During his remarks Bush gave a Katrina update, said federal aide was underway, and told individual Americans how they could help.

The President later visited the Naval hospital in San Diego before flying on to Arizona for a speech on medicare; all the while being kept informed of Katrina developments and making necessary decisions regarding relief efforts.

In searching the Times' archives I could find no mention of the President being in California on August 30, but the Times did report his Arizona speech:
President Bush alluded to the energy situation today during a appearance in El Mirage, Ariz., where he was speaking on Medicare.
Matt Drudge is reporting The White House has asked the Times for a retraction of it's "President Bush, on vacation in Texas" error.

A prompt retraction is certainly due. And so are explanations of how and why the error appeared in Lipton's story.

If you wish to contact the NY Times public editor Byron Calame:

I'll let you know if the Times retracts and explains.