Monday, July 27, 2009

Ex-Prosecutor’s Wise Words Re: Gates, Crowley, Obama

If there's a prize for the Wisest Brief Comment on the story that began when Cambridge Police Sgt. Crowley responded to a breaking and entering call and the fallout since, I'll nominate Ex-prosecutor’s comment on the thread of Our Post-Racial President, Etc.

Police officers have a tough job. People call them for help and, then, want to fight them.

They never know when they'll be shot at or assaulted.

The surest way to get arrested is to be loud and argumentative or ask the magic question, as did Dr. Gates, "Do you know who I am?"

My experience with many, many police officers over the years is that arrest is a last resort for an argumentative citizen.

If Professor Gates had remained calm, he would not have been arrested.

In common parlance, his offense is called "contempt of cop."

President Obama was completely off base in his comments, as he is in much of what he does.


Anonymous said...

Sweetmick says: You just knew nothing good could come of this case. Wendy Murphy, as scurrilous a rabble rouser as anything from the crazy 88 and the N&O, is BACK. She's alive, representing a Ms. Whalen who called 911 on behalf of another woman who thought she might be seeing a burglary in progress at Gates' house. Here we go again.

Anonymous said...

Wendy Murphy is a shamless ambulance chaser. Steve in New Mexico