Friday, March 13, 2009

More Questions About Angelo’s Sweetheart Dealer Dodd

David Patten at Newsmax begins - - -

Already under investigation for suspiciously favorable [sweetheart] mortgage terms received from Countrywide Financial [when Angelo Mozilo ran it for himself and “friends” while sticking taxpayers with Countrywide’s debt], Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd is also being called to task for a series of real estate deals and disclosures related to a cottage he owns on Galway Bay, Ireland.

Mr. Dodd is busy these days blaming everyone else for the real-estate bubble and financial meltdown, a Wall Street Journal editorial declared Thursday.

But he owes constituents and the Senate an honest accounting of his Galway property over the past 15 years.

Christopher Healy, chairman of the Connecticut GOP, told the Hartford Courant on Tuesday: There’s a body of activity here that raises questions about Dodd that so far he hasn’t really given reasonable answers to.

One reason the cottage is drawing attention: The man who witnessed the transfer of the property, Edward R. Downe Jr., was convicted of insider trading in 1993.

Downe pleaded guilty to securities fraud and insider trading, and agreed to a $11 million SEC civil settlement.

The Dodd-Downe relationship dates back at least to 1986, when they purchased a Washington [condo] together for $159,800. The Courant reports Dodd later bought out Downe’s share, and in 1999 sold the condominium for $310,000.

On former President Bill Clinton’s final day in office he issued, at Dodd’s request, a last-minute pardon of Downe’s felony convictions -- without going through the normal Justice Department vetting process.

None of which stopped Dodd from teaming up with Downe’s business partner, Missouri businessman William Kessinger, to purchase the Irish cottage.

According to Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie, the saga of Dodd’s mysterious Irish land dealings date back to 1994.

Patten’s column continues here.

As for Dodd’s scandals, is there no end to them?

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Anonymous said...

He's a leftist Democrat. Nothing will be done about his corruption.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Tarheel Hawkeye is correct that nothing will be done about Dodd's corrupt activities. For Pelosi and the Democrats corruption is a noun for which only one proper adjective can be attached - Republican. While the Republicans are by no means without sin - the Democrats hands are uncelan as well. However, those who lost millions with Mdoff will sooner see their money than will the citizens of the US see outrage on the part of the Democrats (or anything done for that matter) for the activities of Rangel, Jefferson, Dodd, Conyers, Pelosi, Murtha, the rep. in Michigan that lost his chairmanship to Waxman, Waters, etc.
Both political parties are laden with politicians who have forgotten that they serve the people, rather than the people serving them. While I do believe that many enter politics with hiogh hopes and noble aspirations, I firmly believe it is the rare bird that is able to withstand the easy money, sycophantic aides, and power that membership in the House and Senate brings to bear.