Sunday, March 08, 2009

“Don’t Pork Pee Down Our Legs”

That’s what protesters in Lafayette, La, yesterday told President Barack Obama and his Dem friends of Angelo, Speaker Pelosi, the networks and Tony Rezko; all of them eager to strap trillions in debt on the backs of the minority of Americans who now actually pay income taxes.

Take at look a photos of the protest here.

Those pictures and the accompanying text speak for millions of Americans who work for a living and pay income taxes.

Why aren’t the NY Times and McClatchy papers reporting the protests in Lafayette with anything near the coverage they gave The Jena 6?

Yes, it turned out the NYT, McClatchy and almost all of MSM had the Jena 6 story wrong.

And no, the Jena 6 young black "victims" weren’t anything like what the Revs Jackson and Sharpton said they were.

But that’s no excuse for the NYT, McClatchy and the rest ignoring the Lafayette protest yesterday.

The protest story's here.

Hat Tip: Instapundit