Thursday, February 19, 2009

Talking to Regulars and Recent Commenters

(A post in the old web log tradition of "informal notes at the end of the day" for those familiar with the material. Don't look for links and overlook speeling and grammer errors. - - JinC)

Sorry to be posting so little but travel and related matters are cutting into my blogging time.

I get and am reading all comments.

By Saturday I'll be home and able to do some decent posting.

First on the list will be that promised post re: your comments on Juan Williams and NPR.

I plan to post a brief "call out" of NPR for its liberal bias. I won't be doing the calling out. I'll be pasting in another's work.

Doing that (and giving credit, of course) is easier than responding to your commments which takes more time and thought.

I think Vaden's work at Duke is a clear conflict of interest no matter that the N&O may have given him an OK on it.

How do you serve as a public editor for the Raleigh N&O

which led the public framing of the Duke laxes,

which is supposed to report on Duke's role in that framing and in it's ongoing cover-up,

which is supposed to report on a series of major federal suits brought by Duke lacrosse victims and family members against Duke,

and still serve as N&O public editor without having a conflict of interest?

There's more I want to say but time presses.

Thanks for your understanding.


PS - - I am getting to do some reading this week that will contribute to blog posts in the not too distant future.