Monday, February 16, 2009

Anniversary of McClatchy news exec’s “cannot win” Iraq speech

An outstanding post at McClatchy Watch today begins - - -

Two years ago today, John Walcott delivered a speech predicting the US would not win the Iraq war. To commemorate Walcott's moronic speech I'm re-running this post I originally ran in November, 2007:

In a 2007 speech, John Walcott, McClatchy's Washington bureau chief, predicted the US would not win the Iraq war. Walcott gave the speech February 16, 2007 to the World Affairs Council of Hilton Head, South Carolina. You can read the speech here on Bill Moyer's PBS web site.

Check out this little gem in the speech:

"But still we are not winning, and
we cannot win."

I emailed John Walcott and asked if he stood by his prediction. Walcott emailed me back, saying the quote was accurate as written, but he modified the statement when he delivered the speech. Walcott told me he told the audience the Iraqi people had to win, not the US military. He denied saying the US cannot win.

I have trouble believing Walcott's email denial. Scan farther down in Walcott's speech and you see he repeats the same prediction: "But I think that we're in the mess we're in Iraq - can't win and can't afford to lose...."

There’s more to McClatchy Watch’s post including a listing and links to others who said the war was lost. Give the post a look for that information and for its closing sentence that says what so many in MSM can’t bring themselves to say.

As I’ve said before: a stable, democratic Iraq is by no means a sure thing.

But the war wasn’t lost.

That was because of the persistence of President Bush, the strategy of Gen. Petraeus, the magnificent performance of our military, the critical help of allies, and the refusal of most Iraqis to knuckle under to the terrorists who’ve attacked civilians there at every turn, even in schools and at prayer.

Now Iraq and its people have a chance at a decent future.


Anonymous said...

We will likely increase our troop presence in Afghanistan. Can we expect the Democrats like Reid, Pelosi, or Murtha to continue with their "the-war-is-lost" whining?
Tarheel Hawkeye