Thursday, January 08, 2009

Worst Duke Hoax/Frame-up Prediction So Far?

The following in Washington Post associate editor and columnist Eugene Robinson’s Apr.25, 2006 column gets my vote - - -

The university's president, Richard H. Brodhead, may emerge from this awful mess as a true hero, because he seems to understand the need to deal not only with the specific allegations but with the context and the questions as well. (emphasis added)

In an extraordinary letter to the Duke community, . . . Brodhead wrote of "an attitude of arrogant inconsiderateness that reached its peak in the alleged event but that had long preceded it" -- an attitude that, to many outsiders, "has seemed to be the face of Duke." …

It will be fascinating to watch as Duke attempts some educating that parents should have taken care of long ago. ...

- - -

Folks, can any of you think of a worse hoax/frame prediction so far?

Robinson’s entire Apr. 25, 2006 column’s here. You’ll see its race/class/gender-obsessed and fails to confront the central issues of guilt and innocence

I encourage any reader planning to cite Robinson’s column in support of Brodhead’s and the trustee’s “Who knew?” defense of their shameful actions and inactions in response to Mangum’s and Nifong’s lies to first read Thomas Sowell’s column, "Law or Lynch Law."

It too was published Apr. 25, 2006.

Robinson should have known.

Brodhead and the trustees did know.


Anonymous said...


I think there is an incorrect link to Sowell's "Law or lynch law"



JWM said...

Dear Ken,

Thanks for pointing that out.

It's fixed now.

O, those wonderful JinC "editors!"



Anonymous said...


Fascinating editorial on today's Duke Chronicle page about Duke's Endowment being WAY down, and of course after all were reassured by BOT Chairman Steele that all was well just a few weeks ago. I added a few comments. Looks like there may be a Gang of 88 reading there.

Anonymous said...

I was not in the least surprised when I linked to Eugene Robinson's column to see he is of the African persuasion. Now, do you suppose that has anything to do with his ideological bias?
Tarheel Hawkeye