Thursday, January 08, 2009

McClatchy Watch Has My Vote

for 2008 Weblogs Awards Best Up And Coming Blog.

McClatchy Watch does an outstanding job covering everything McClatchy from insider trading to the liberal/leftist bias that’s the hallmark of McClatchy “reporting.”

For example, yesterday McClatchy Watch posted - "McClatchy puff piece on Obama nominee quotes only Democrats and Obama donors -- not a single Republican."

It begins - - -

In the latest example of Obama boosterism at McClatchy, reporter Greg Gordon's piece on Obama's nomination of Dawn Johnsen quoted several sources who gave glowing praise for the nominee -- but Gordon neglected to inform readers his sources were all partisan Democrats, and in at least 2 cases, Obama donors.

Gordon did not include a single word from any Republican.

About Dawn Johnsen, Gordon noted she is a law professor who worked several years in the Clinton administration. But Gordon left out some information that McClatchy readers should know about.

Gordon forgot to mention Johnsen is on the board of directors at the American Constitution Society, a self-described "progressive organization" co-founded by Laurence Tribe.

She is also a partisan Democrat. According to this site, Johnsen donated to the Obama and Clinton campaigns. (I see nothing wrong with Johnsen's political contributions, by the way -- Obama is a Democrat so most of his appointees will be Democrats. too.)

But when a reporter presents a source as "non-partisan," readers are entitled to full disclosure. So let's take a look at Gordon's sources.

First up to sing the praises of Dawn Johnsen is Laurence Tribe, the activist law professor from Harvard. Here is Tribe's quote: "One of the refreshing things about Dawn Johnsen's appointment is that she's almost a 180-degree shift from John Yoo and David Addington and (Vice President) Dick Cheney."

According to this site, Tribe donated the maximum $4,600 to Barack Obama in 2008.

More: Tribe actually campaigned for Obama during the election. Aren't readers entitled to know Tribe is a partisan? …

The rest of the post’s here.

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Anonymous said...

Even more frightening, Dawn Johnsen is a close friend of Jamie Gorelick. The "wall" will probably make a reappearance.
Tarheel Hawkeye