Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Traveling today. Blogging resumes

about 9 PM ET, Wednesday, Oct. 22 with:

a follow-up post on reaction to Gen. Powell's Obama endorsement;

another discussing Duke hoax false accusser Crystal Mangum's book promotion press conference planned for tomorrow;

and a third in which I'll share some impressions I took from Homecoming regarding how Duke alums now view President Brodhead, BOT Chair Steel, and Duke's actions and inactions in response to Mangum's and Mike Nifong's lies.

I hope you have a nice day and are back tonight or tomorrow.




Anonymous said...

Re: Crystal Mangum's book

Now comes the bitter pill of not holding ‘Precious’ accountable for her false accusations. At the very least, any proceeds from the book should not line her pockets.

I suspect the NC AG seeking a federal investigation was little more than lip service. Did anyone actually see written requests. In fact, to bring in outside investigators could only find incompetence by the Democrats,(Which they all were) the NAACP, the dishonest media, and Mangum might not get a pass.

Does anyone really think the AG or Governor would risk such embarrassment? Oh yeah, Obama was keeping an eye on things! He couldn’t wait to embarrass a young black woman and the NAACP to help three white men! Get real, talk about urban legends.

‘Precious’ got away with this because she was black, and the elected officials were Democrats. She was not held accountable because she was not rational, but she was rational enough to graduate from college and write a book.

Oh pahleeze! The final 'Hoax' is on us!