Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Powell’s Obama endorsement followup comments

There sure have been a lot of them, including mine – MSM hyping Powell's endorsement – which was more about the MSM Obama-crats hyping rather than reporting Gen. Powell’s endorsement.

I’ve seen many comments suggesting race influenced Powell’s decision.

While I haven’t said anything about that until now, I don’t doubt race may have influenced Powell.

No sensible person disputes it influences most of us in many things we do, as well as how we perceive things we only observe or think about.

So do age, gender and, researchers tell us, even the height of those about whom we make decisions that logically should be unrelated to height.

Here’s where I’m heading - - -

Some of the comments about Gen. Powell since his Obama endorsement are beyond the pale.

He’s been mocked as “an Uncle Tom all his career” and “an ungrateful affirmative action ‘winner.’”

And much worse.

I’m support Sen. McCain.

I disagree with Powell’s endorsement.

I disagree with things unrelated to the campaign that each man has said or done.

But I respect them both.

The slimes directed at Powell are every bit as disgusting as’s notorious General Betray Us ad.

And some of the slimes are coming from people who were outraged by the Betray Us ad.

It’s an interesting world.


TruthHurts001 said...

Considering that Powell has never endorsed any WHITE inexperienced liberal Democrats, it's hard to ignore race when he endorses a BLACK inexperienced liberal Democrat.

Plus, his rationale was nothing short of absurd.