Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Huge Seoul Welcome for Bush

Gateway Pundit has the pictures, videos and a blogger’s post which provides a classic example of Reuters (“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom-fighter”) News' headline bias. Story bias, too.

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Also, did any of you see and hear mention on the networks' news programs of the welcome America’s President received in Seoul?

Did any of the networks mention the collapse of the “massive protest demonstrations” South Korea’s Left had planned for Bush’s arrival?

Only a few hundred hard-cores and media showed up


Anonymous said...

The AP coverage "Bush encounters dueling demonstrations in Asia" includes the following:

"As Bush arrived on Tuesday evening, 30,000 people held an outdoor Christian prayer service to support him. His motorcade sped by pockets of people smiling and waving U.S. flags his way.

"Later, an estimated 20,000 anti-Bush protesters gathered downtown. Riot police blasted them with water cannons as they tried to march onto the main boulevard. Police warned the crowd that the liquid contained markers to tag them so they could be identified later."

WSJ reported in "Presidents of U.S.
And South Korea Back Trade Pact":

"Tuesday, more than 10,000 people gathered on a plaza at Seoul's city hall for a prayer service and demonstration to welcome Mr. Bush and express support for South Korea's alliance with the U.S.

"Just a few blocks away, a few thousand others demonstrated against the alliance. That protest lasted into the night and sparked clashes with police when protesters tried to march to the presidential residence about a half-mile away. About 100 people were detained, and the protest was dispersed by Wednesday morning, when Mr. Bush's motorcade passed nearby."

Have to wonder amidst all the tellings of the event what actually happened.

JWM said...

To Anon @ 1:22,

You've provided an excellent follow-up.

Thank you.

I also understand that a good bit of the protests that occurred in the days before Bush's arrival had to do with people protesting the lifting by the Korean government of a ban on American beef that had been put in place about 5 years ago at the time of concern about mad cow disease.

What have you heard?

Again, thanks.