Saturday, August 09, 2008

Edwards or MSM: A “Which is Worse?” Reader Poll

At Instapundit you get to cast your vote for either:

A politician who has an affair while his wife has cancer, and lies about it.


A reporter or editor who covers for the politician who has an affair while his wife has cancer.

You can check the vote totals, too.

As of 10:30 AM ET the reporters and editors were racking up about 80% of the vote.

That seems about right.


Anonymous said...

The voting results are really not surprising. What galls Americans is the cover-up, always. While cheating on one's spouse (whether said spouse has cancer or not) is despicable - most people would consider that a private matter between the parties involved except if the cheater extolls his (or her marriage) as an example of one's moral fiber (as did John Edwards on numerous occasions). However, if he had admitted front up that he had strayed - didn't know what got into him, etc. his "indiscretion" would have quickly become a non-isse. Instead, he denied, not once but numerous times that there was nothing to the rumors that were being put out there by the tabloid trash media. The msm was more than willing to provide the cover for Edwards for the following reasons:
1. sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards (if they even felt that the story was true)
2. the love that many reporters had for the "Breck" man because he was young, photogenic, had young kids, boyish charm - a sort of "Kennedy for the 21st century" aura that those who hadn't been around in the early 60's felt that they had missed
3. a disregard for any news organization other than the ones that their journalist professors had deemed worthy and thus any story that said trash organizations might pursue
4. liberal bias
5. just plain laziness.
One sees increasingly that Americans view the msm as not realiable. While the NY Times and the CBS,NBC,ABC goups want to believe that Americans distrust the tabloids, the fact is that the tabloids are read by more people than would like to admit (they are made to feel by the msm that they are engaging in some dirty behavior)that they actually read if not purchase while standing in line at the local supermarket r cinvenience store. The habit of reading the tabloids begins early. My students (I teach at a private high school) can give me the latest National Enquirerer and Star headlines anddiscuss the lead stories with a fervor and knowledge that would astound the msm. Yet, these same students rarely pick up the local paper (not that there is much in there).