Saturday, May 10, 2008

Obama Changes His "Unconditional" Position

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs today - - -

In yet another New York Times advocacy piece for Barack Obama, we discover that the Obama campaign is trying to rewrite history again:

Susan E. Rice, a former State Department and National Security Council official who is a foreign policy adviser to the Democratic candidate, said that “for political purposes, Senator Obama’s opponents on the right have distorted and reframed” his views. Mr. McCain and his surrogates have repeatedly stated that Mr. Obama would be willing to meet “unconditionally” with Mr. Ahmadinejad.

But Dr. Rice said that this was not the case for Iran or any other so-called “rogue” state. Mr. Obama believes “that engagement at the presidential level, at the appropriate time and with the appropriate preparation, can be used to leverage the change we need,” Dr. Rice said. “But nobody said he would initiate contacts at the presidential level; that requires due preparation and advance work.”...

That all sounds fine, folks, until Charles Johnson points out the Times didn't tell us - - -

The problem is, Barack Obama did say he’d meet with Iran unconditionally, in front of a lot of people, at the CNN/YouTube Democratic debate last July.

He was specifically and directly asked if he would meet with the leader of Iran (and the leaders of several other “so-called rogue states”) without preconditions, in the first year of his presidency, and his answer was, “I would.”

Democratic Debate Transcript, CNN/YouTube - Council on Foreign Relations.

QUESTION: In 1982, Anwar Sadat traveled to Israel, a trip that resulted in a peace agreement that has lasted ever since.

In the spirit of that type of bold leadership, would you be willing to meet separately, without precondition, during the first year of your administration, in Washington or anywhere else, with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea, in order to bridge the gap that divides our countries?

OBAMA: I would. And the reason is this, that the notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them — which has been the guiding diplomatic principle of this administration — is ridiculous.

There’s some “reframing” going on here, all right. . . .

The rest of Johnson's post is here. Don't miss the video and the update.

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Archer05 said...

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Archer05 said...

John, This was a good Sunday article, there are still plenty of us that want justice.

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Anonymous said...

Obama is being revealed as a "typical politician". Steve in New Mexico