Thursday, May 08, 2008

Here's another fishy NY Times story

How many times will The New York Times publish a disreputable reporter's work before it learns its lesson?

That’s the question blogger Jeff Poor asks in a post I’ve excerpted, after which I comment below the star line.

From Poor’s post - - -

. . . Perhaps the third time will be the charm. Alexei Barrionuevo has come under fire for plagiarism on two separate occasions, but the Times printed a story March 27 ("Salmon Virus Indicts Chile's Fishing Methods") by Barrionuevo anyway, prompting a response from the salmon industry.

Barrionuevo quotes Adolfo Flores in his article, identifying him as Port Director of Castro, Chiloe Island. But in a letter to the Times May 2, Eric McErlain, writing on behalf of Salmon of the Americas Inc (an industry group), pointed out major problems with the report.

"In actuality, Mr. Flores is simply a security guard who works for a third party contractor," McErlain wrote. "I've enclosed an English translation of a letter from Patricio Cuello, the general manager of the Port of Puerto Montt, which administers Castro, confirming this." . . .

Poor’s entire post is here.

So The Times publishes a story by Alexei Barrionuevo who it knows has a deserved reputation as a disreputable reporter.

And it doesn’t even bother to fact-check Barrionuevo to make sure Adolfo Flores is Port Director of Castro, Chiloe Island.

Yet NYT's top heavy with editors and claims to be “the journal of record.”

So why didn’t The Times fact-check?

I think it was because Barrionuevo had given The Times the kind of story it wanted.

At The Times getting the facts right is not nearly as important as spinning the day’s meta-narrative.

Barrionuevo has a future at the NYT.

But where?

What about this: With Summer almost here, The Times can ask Barrionuevo to serve as vacation fill-in for columnist and former Enron consultant Paul Krugman?

It would be “a seamless transition.”

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Anonymous said...

John -

Truly a case of, All the views we want to mint, that's what's fit to print.

Jack in Silver Spring

Anonymous said...

Good one, John! High five!

Time to answer a tough question of your own. Why does the following sentence warrant a question mark?

"I think it was because Barrionuevo had given The Times the kind of story it wanted?"

Anonymous said...

There was a time when the NYT took pride in having the best staff of honest reporters in the business. Today, the paper makes no attempt to disguise its leftist, anti-American bias, and it employs some of the worst bottom-feeders in the profession. The Gray Lady is sinking and good riddance.
Tarheel Hawkeye

JWM said...

To Jack,


You continue to add a lot to this blog.

To Anon @ 8:50,

Thanks for the nice words and thanks for pointing out the "?" didn't belong there.

It's gone now thanks to you.

To TH,

O tis true, tis true.

You also add a lot to this blog.

Thank you all three.