Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What are the Dems doing now?

Blog friend Mike Williams sends along an update on recent activities of some leading Democrats. I add a few comments below the star line.

Mike begins - - -

Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s recent resignation spared him the humiliation of impeachment but, as John in Carolina reported, it may not keep him out of the dock on a number of felony indictments.

His replacement, Lt. Gov. David Paterson, has been in office barely a week, and already we know more than we probably ever wanted to about his philandering and drug abuse. Being a Democrat, these probably wouldn’t threaten Paterson’s political career unless they were tied to public malfeasance. However:

As the Gov. Paterson escapade continues, it is now becoming apparent that Paterson not only mis-spent campaign funds, but as Lt. Governor he used a state credit card to pay for hotels and bar tabs all around Albany more then a dozen times, and as recently as February 2008. Here is the rub, HE ONLY LIVES 11 MILES FROM THE CAPITOL BUILDING!

Paterson claims that he had to stay in the hotels, because the Governor needed him early in the morning or late at night. In a statement issued yesterday, Paterson said; "I had to be at the call of the governor. And a few times I was asked to do a few things early on, and I was too far away." He said he stayed at hotels when he had "early morning meetings or press conferences" in order to "accommodate" Governor Spitzer.

A former top aide to then Governor Spitzer disputes this statement….

In national political news, Sen. Clinton admits to having padded her résumé:
As part of her argument that she has the best experience and instincts to deal with a sudden crisis as president, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton recently offered a vivid description of having to run across a tarmac to avoid sniper fire after landing in Bosnia as first lady in 1996.

Yet on Monday, Clinton admitted that she had "misspoke" about the episode -- a concession that came after CBS News showed footage of her walking calmly across the tarmac with her daughter, Chelsea, and being greeted by dignitaries and a child….

Power Line’s John Hinderaker on Clinton’s exposure as a fabulist: “It Lacked the Added Virtue of Being True.” Professor Ann Althouse was more direct: “What, are you going to say she lied?”



First, nice job and thank you, Mike. We're all always interested in keeping up with the activities of the leaders of "the party of the people."

Please let us know if there's any talk at the NY Times about a "culture of corruption" involving the Times' party leaders in New York.

And try to find out how the Times, which works so hard to find and publish America's national security secrets, missed everything we've been learning about Spitzer's and Paterson's loathsome activities.

Folks, if you don't know Ann Althouse, she's a law professor at the University of Wisconsin's School of Law and a fine blogger who wasn't really surprised Sen. Clinton lied.

Who is?


Anonymous said...

These people; Spiter, Kilpatrick, Clinton, Paterson, et al make me want to puke. Our "Leaders" ----- What a sorry joke. Wasn't it Bill Buckley who once said he could do better randomly selecting names out of the phone book? Hoo Boy, was he spot on!

Anonymous said...


It easy to be overwhelmed by all the corruption around us. However, on the plus side, it's all become very public.

I suspect that the careers of Paterson and Clinton have become political jokes.

How in the world did Hillary think no one would check on her "sniper fire" scenerio? Just when she had Obama on the defensive, she shoots herself in the head.

You couldn't make this stuff up and have anyone believe it.


mac said...
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Anonymous said...

To answer your question: the Dems are destroying their own party and it's all a result of their years of race/class/gender exploitation. They are now reaping the fruits of their labors and it's not a pretty sight. If one follows the Democrat playbook, the Hillary supporters are racists because they are refusing to support a Black candidate, and the Obama supporters are misogynists because they reject a female candidate. Talk about hoist on their own petard!! It's obvious that this situation will cause many Democrat voters to either sit out or, perhaps, take drastic action, if their candidate is refused the prize. If Hillary is granted the nomination, we may even see large urban areas in flames (I am told this is often the reaction of "typical Black people" when things don't go their way). At the very least, there will be a dearth of Democrat voters on election day, and this will only benefit McCain. If the Dems hadn't stressed the race/gender/class aspect for so many years, they could be on the verge of a major landslide victory. Instead, they look like a train wreck looking for a place to happen. Stand by for further developments.
Tarheel Hawkeye