Thursday, March 13, 2008

Remember Obama’s friend Tony Rezko?

Here’s the Chicago Sun Times’ latest news report on the trial of Tony Rezko, Chicago fixer and long-time friend of Sen. Barack Obama.

At American Thinker blog Thomas Lifson take’s a “closer look” at Rezko. It’s an outstanding post.

Lifson includes this:

There are two good sites for following Rezko news and analysis, Rezkorama and the aforementioned Rezko Watch.

Even if the mainstream media downplay it, the word from the trial will get out, as Patrick Fitzgerald turns over the Rezko rock.
Let's hope Lifson's right about that.


Anonymous said...


I am hoping for a post on Obama's pastor Wright (sp?) who, unlike you, is clearly not "rooting for America." The views of this pastor may explain why Michelle Obama has never been proud of being an American – until her husband became the frontrunner to the presidency. Listening to this man for 20 years (perhaps worshiping and emulating him), who would? The question is why did Obama wait for 20 years (or just before declaring his candidacy for presidency) to disassociate himself from Pastor Wright? C'mon Obama, you are no different than any other politician.


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