Thursday, March 13, 2008

Iran's Eliot Spitzer & Duke's Dick Brodhead

Blog friend Mike Williams sent along the following, after which I comment below the star line.

Mike begins - - -

Sorry, I forgot to add this one to the list of you-might-want-to-reads:

Think New York’s governor has problems…..

General Reza Zarei, Tehran’s chief of police and a member of the Revolutionary Guard, has resigned under a cloud of scandal after he was caught and arrested naked, with no fewer than six nude women, during a government raid on a brothel.

General Zarei had spearheaded recent police operations targeting the enforcement of Islamic dress for women to promote public morality, which have resulted in thousands of arrests.

In courthouses across the country, but especially in Tehran — among lawyers, judges, court clerks, and police — there is talk of little else.

The story, which the Iranian regime has done its utmost to keep out of the press, first leaked out on the leftist Farsi website Peiknet more than a week ago….

Remember Walter Matthau and the movie, “A Guide for the Married Man”? The dénouement for Gen. Zarei probably wasn’t nearly as amusing.


Thanks, Mike.

In Zarei's case, I'm not ruling out he was framed by others in the government who for some reason - a grudge, perhaps, fear of him as a rival, he had something on them so he needed to be discredited and gotten out of office - wanted to get rid of him.

Frame-ups happen all the time in police states. That's how they operate. They have no system of justice.

Frame-ups happen, too, in democracies when you have prosecutors like the now disbarred former Durham DA Mike Nifong and certain police officers and supervisors willing to help with the frame-up; and public and elected officials willing to do their part in the frame-up.

And, of course, if while the framers are working to railroad the innocent into jail, leaders of "the progressive community" and "rights groups," and a high-tuition university, and all but one or two of its law school faculty, and all the area news organizations are willing to go along and enable the frame-up, that makes things easier for the framers, and all the more likely more injustices will follow.

That's why although Nifong and the other framers started out to railroad three white Duke students they soon had to arrange the arrest and trial of a black cab driver because his honest evidence threatened the frame-up attempt.

If you don't believe that, just ask Duke's head, Dick Brodhead. He knows an awful lot about what I've just said.

Brodhead also knows about the ongoing cover-up of the frame-up attempt. Ask him about that, too.

And if you care about preserving your Constitutional rights, pray and act so that the civil rights violations suits which have been filed on behalf of the young men victimized by Nifong, his office, certain Durham police and their supervisors, Meehan's lab, the City of Durham and Duke University succeed in exposing all that was done that shouldn't have been done.

That's the only chance Durham has of learning what it needs to know so we can punish the guilty and acknowledge and protect those who acted fairly and in accord with their duties and our Constitution and laws.

If that doesn't happen, if we don't learn of the travesties and crimes committed in our name, and set out to "right wrongs," then Durham will continue its slid toward being more like Tehran than what our founders dreamed America would be.