Sunday, February 03, 2008

Talking to Regulars & Commenters – 2/3/08

( A post in the old web log tradition: “notes at the end of the day” for those who “follow the blog.” Others are welcome to read as well, but don’t look for links and expect some “informality.”)

I won’t get done today the post I promised responding to a column by liberal/leftist journalist Ron Brownstein.

You can read that column here.

Most of you who read Brownstein’s column will quickly see his liberalism glaringly evident in his failure to call subprime mortgages what we know them to be – high risk – and his “solution” for foreclosed mortgage debt which must be paid by someone: let the American taxpayers foot the bill.

Now that's liberalism, isn't it?

I’ll try very hard to get my post responding to Brownstein up tomorrow.

I didn’t get the “first pass” post up concerning whether the N&O can be held to account for its biased, racially inflammatory and, in some cases, deliberately fraudulent coverage of what we now know was the trashing of Duke students who were members of the school’s 2006 Men’s lacrosse team, and the attempt to frame three of them for multiple felonies, including gang rape.

I’ll get that up tomorrow.

The short answer is: It will be very, very hard, but not totally impossible, to hold the N&O to some account for what it did. Even allowing that it can be held to some account, there’ll be a question of whether its worth the great effort.

In the same post I plan to touch on why I think it’s in the N&O’s parent McClatchy Company’s best long-term interest to acknowledge fully and frankly the accidental mistakes and deliberate deceptions which were essential to the framing of the Duke students in the public’s mind, and which remain very important "props" for the ongoing cover-up of the attempted frame-up.

Moving on - - -

Some of you are linking my posts to other blogs.

Thank you very much.

Look for more tomorrow.