Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Is President Bush really

a divider, not a uniter?

Blogger Rand Simberg offers his answer with a twist of irony.

Simberg reminds us such "is the low esteem of George Bush's America in the rest of the world that Britain and France are fighting over which of them is our closest ally."

After decades of Anglo-French rivalry, in which France has vehemently deplored the global influence America and Britain have attained and what every president of France since Charles de Gaulle has described as "Anglo-Saxon culture," Mr. Sarkozy claimed during his visit to Washington last week that France, not Britain, is now America's best friend and partner.

Mr. Brown, who has been portrayed on both sides of the Atlantic as having distanced himself from America to avoid the charge against his predecessor, Tony Blair, that he was Mr. Bush's "poodle," fought back last night, claiming in a speech at a banquet thrown by the lord mayor of the city of London that the French president's bid to usurp Britain's traditional place alongside America would not succeed.

I hear the Democrat candidates bloviate on the campaign trail about how they're going to "repair our relations" with the rest of the world, and wonder on what planet they're living.



Since '04 Dem presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry had five homes (all big ones) and three SUVs and was "the environmentalists' candidate," can anyone blame Simberg for not knowing what planet bloviating Dem candidates live on?

Be honest.

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