Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First ’08 Post: Thank You, “Editors”

JinC has some of the best “editors” in the blogosphere.

And they work 24/7/365. (This year being a leap year, they’ll work 366.)

Here’s the latest example of their work:

At 1:55 AM this New Year’s Day, an Anon “copy editor” noted on the thread of this post that I’d written “2006” where I should have written “2007.”

I thank that “editor” and all the other’s who point out my errors and “add to the story” with thoughtful, informed and on point comments.

You made JinC a better place in 2007; I know you’ll do the same in 2008.

My first ’08 post is a “thank you” as a way of expressing how much I appreciate the help you give me and what you contribute to JinC.



Anonymous said...

John: Your errors are usually minor and quickly corrected. Weak editors at North Carolina newspaper should follow your lead. One question: Is it surprising that Gottlieb is still on the Durham police force? With his record in dealing with Duke students, it's somewhat surprising that some enterprising attorney hasn't filed a class-action suit on behalf of numerous Duke students who have come in contact with Gottlieb.

Anonymous said...

You, John, are a gentleman and a scholar. It's a pleasure to visit JIC.

kbp said...

Thank You John!

An occasional error in spelling or grammar is easy to overlook when you're reading a blog that's searching for and spreading the TRUTH!