Sunday, December 23, 2007

Remember "Nifong Roasting?"

A year ago today three former Duke students the NC AG would later declare innocent were still under indictments, now disbarred Mike Nifong was still Durham DA, and Duke's Dick Brodhead, the school's president, hadn't yet started telling alums: "I'm one of Nifong's bigest critics."

Also a year ago today, JinC published "Nifong Roasting" by Duke alum Locomotive Breath.

As they say in the music industry, "Nifong Roasting" was "an instant classic."

I'm delighted to republish it today.


There’s The Christmas Song Nat King Cole made famous:

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,
Jack Frost nipping on your nose,
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir,
And folks dressed up like Eskimos.
The rest of the lyrics are here.

Citizen journalist and JinC Regular Locomotive Breath took those lyrics and has just produced this wonderful spoof:
A Christmas Song for Mike Nifong
With Apologies to Tradition

DA's burning in a hellish fire
Flames are licking at his toes,
Mournful chants sung by a choir,
Of tortured souls sent down below.

Everybody knows a false charge from a lyin' ho',
Will surely send you straight to hell,
Wicked fiends with their eyes all aglow,
Will make it hard to sleep too well.

They know that Nifong's gotta pay,
He's loaded lots of guilt and bad deeds on his way,
And every laxer Mom is gonna spy,
To see if Michael really knows how to cry.

And so I'm offering this simple gaze,
From now to time beyond our view,
Although it's been said many times many ways,
Immolation for you.