Saturday, December 29, 2007

Obama says Clintons "secretive."

From the New York Post:

Sen. Barack Obama kicked off the countdown to the Iowa caucuses yesterday with a sharp attack on Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton - raising the specter of a "secretive" history and problems in her husband's administration.

"You have to ask yourself, who's talked the talk, because that will be the measure of how seriously they take this stuff," Obama said.

"If they've been secretive in the past, they'll be secretive as president," he said at an Iowa rally.

"If they haven't been all that strong on lobbyists in the past, doesn't matter what they say in the campaign - they won't be that strong about it when they are president."

The "secretive" charge has been lodged by Clinton critics who question why thousands of pages of material from Hillary's days as first lady haven't been released. . . .

Well yes, we all remember that "secrative" stuff.


Would you say Hillary's Rose Law Firm billing records which "disappeared" for a few years when investigators wanted to examine them count as an example of Clinton secrecy?

Before you answer, remember they were "discovered" a few years later in the Clinton White House by a staffer who was just "walking by a table and noticied them."

That being the case, what's the secret?

The records were found, right?

So how could there be a secret?

Speaking of secrets: Does anyone know the whereabouts of that blue dress Miss. Lewinsky was wearing when -- you know?

And should we talk about its apparent disappearance as "a Clinton secret?"

Wouldn't it be fairer to say, "a Lewinsky secret?"

Has Women's Wear Daily ever editorialized on the question?

The entire post story is here.