Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Delay on N&O Post

I promised a post today explaining why it's essential for people seeking to understand the Duke Hoax to understand the Raleigh N&O's critical role in launching and sustaining the Hoax.

I didn't get that done today because I spent a lot of time getting background information on the suit filed today in federal court by three unindicted members of the 2006 Duke lacrosse team. You can read more about the suit in this Durham Herald Sun story.

The suit filing is more than 400 pages. I've been wading through it. I'm almost at 300 and will go to bed as soon as I reach that number.

More about the suit tomorrow when I'll have the N&O post up too. It's almost finished.

BTW - I've mentioned a suit that was coming. Today's is not the one I've talked about.

But that one will come.

It's not time yet to buy a MoveOn.Duke bumper sticker.

I'll bet most of you knew that without my saying it.

We don't yet know the half of it.

Thanks for your understanding.



Anonymous said...

The only members of MoveOn.Duke are the same people who were wrong about everything from the very beginning and still don't know it.

Not you, not me.

Anonymous said...


=>I didn't get that done today<=

Take your time on this project. There's a lot to think about.


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming the attorneys have credible witnesses to back up all the accusations contained in the suit. The exquisite detail in each of the items seems to suggest so. The depositions and discovery motions will be interesting to follow. Discovery should also reveal the sub rosa involvement of N&O reporters/columnists even tho they aren't identified as defendants. Gettin' uglier by the minute ain't it??

Ralph Phelan said...

(1) Uglier & Dukeier
(2) Think any of this info is going to help the indicted three's suit against the city?
(3) Think any of this is going to help Pressler's suit against Duke?
(4) And you say there's even more coming ?!?
(5) re. 2-4: Hooray for synergy!
(6) I'm still waiting for the defamation suits against the N&O, HS, NYT, Wendy Murphy, Nancy Grace, etc. If Richard Jewell could collect $, so can the LAX guys. And if they do, it will be thanks in part to JiC's efforts.