Saturday, August 18, 2007

Word ’03 says he’s Mike Knifing

Folks, when you spell check Mike Nifong using Microsoft Office Word 2003, are you told he’s really Mike Knifing?

That’s what I’m told.

Try these:

Mike Nifong assaulted America’s system of justice by trying to frame innocent people.
For their attacks on our justice system, Mike Nifong and Brian Meehan deserve jail.
Word says he’s Mike Knifing, doesn’t it?

How did Word know that 2003?


Anonymous said...

Do you think anyone will write a book on the performance — or lack of performance — by North Carolina newspapers in the now legendary Duke lacrosse frame by Nifong and his many enablers?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could write a new song, something like "Mike the Knife". Or would that be "Mack the Nifong"?


Some astute, truly credible, honest, still we-behind-the-ears and idealistic journalism graduate student should write a thesis or dissertation on it. But probably ought not to try it at Duke.