Monday, August 13, 2007

Julia Childs: Wise Words

Julia Childs was once asked how you pick out a “nice company roast.”

“First, make friends with your butcher.”

Adding sugar to tomato-based sauces to enhance the flavor: should you do it?

Childs said, “Yes, but only so much that when your dinner guests leave they're thinking: ‘That sauce had such a good tomato flavor. I wonder whether she didn’t add just a bit of sugar.’”

A magazine once asked her to give cooking advice in 20 words or less: “Use the best and freshest ingredients. Season a little at a time, tasting often as you go along.”

I love her cookbooks.

And everything I've learned about her as a person makes me wish I'd known her.


Anonymous said...

I once ate at her favorite "greasy spoon" in Yountville and it was fabulous.

Perhaps as good as having JC make you a custom hamburger, fries, and fresh green beans.

For only $40. In 1997.